The End of Austin

an exploration of urban identity in the middle of Texas

Send us 100 words about Austin in pandemic by April 12

dear Austin friends: would you like to share 100 words or less on living in Austin during pandemic lockdown? After a long dormant spell, we had almost completed putting a new issue together when Covid struck. Now we have something that sadly feels like a perfect End of Austin subject: exploring what it feels like to live in a quasi-apocalyptic moment of our city’s history. We’ve had 200,000 page views for this project, so this is a great place to share what it means to live in Austin at such a surreal time.

I would like to get a few micro essays/diaries/stories and publish them as one long piece, almost like an oral history of the unfolding event. If you would like to contribute something like a long paragraph (with your byline at the end), please send me something by April 12… What are you seeing, thinking, feeling during this time of quarantine? We want to know — and find solace in creative solidarity.  Fwd this to friends who might want to share something… Thank you and stay safe! — Randy Lewis, Editor, TEOA

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