The End of Austin

an exploration of urban identity in the middle of Texas

Bloomin’ Cedar Blues

If there is one thing that worries Austin more than losing its cool, it’s the endless allergens that haunt the city’s air. Local singer Joy Luther has been dealing with Austin’s allergies since moving here in 1970. Here she performs her comic ode to “Cedar Fever.”

Here we are in Austin, it’s a growin’ town

Barton Springs eternal, a live music sound

Perfect winter weather, we tell all our friends

Come on down to Austin, it’s ten out of ten

But when the New Year comes we do the blooming cedar boogie

We boogie out of Austin, at cedar time

Maybe visit friends in Boston….

And drink red wine.


You’ll know

It’s cedar time in Austin when your nose starts to run

Your head is hot and heavy, and your havin’ no fun

Everyone is sneezin’ and rubbin’ their eyes

And Austin starts to feel like a fool’s paradise

New Year‘s here, let’s do the blooming cedar boogie


We’ll even go to Dallas, at cedar time

Visit relatives in Alice

And drink red wine.


We’ll head on east to Houston, at cedar time

Eat sirloin served with croutons

And drink red wine


Livin’ here in Austin, is a wonderful thing

‘Cept for after New Years when the pollen takes wing

You can see it risin’ like a cloud in the air

It’s an equalizer, everyone gets their share

The New Year’s here, let’s do the blooming cedar boogie

Joy Luther is a Clinical Social Worker and part-time Singer-Songwriter who, in August 1970, came to Austin on a Greyhound bus looking for the University of Texas. She’s been living in and out of Austin ever since, and is still trying to find her way around.

2 comments on “Bloomin’ Cedar Blues

  1. Sharon Bischofshausen
    June 3, 2014

    Ha! Cleverly delightful as usual.

  2. Susan Fairbanks
    January 25, 2018

    I’d forgotten how much fun the song is, between sneezing, that is. Sue Fairbanks

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