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You Say Texas; I Say Barbecue

Erica Robert Pallo has shared this short documentary film that she made about BBQ “from the perspective of both natives and non-Texans.” It was filmed at Franklin Barbecue and was featured on the Longhorn Network. 

You Say Texas; I Say Barbecue from Erica Robert Pallo on Vimeo.

The motion picture first intrigued Erica Robert Pallo as a child growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. After seeing amateur home (film) movies of her family magically come to life on a rickety, fold-out projector screen, she was hooked. As she grew up and caught the travel bug, Erica sought out adventures around the world and all the while kept a camera in hand, documenting what inspired her. She then produced two documentary films for her Undergraduate Senior Theses in Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, both of which centered on food and food culture. Erica believes that how and what we eat can be metaphors for community, family, popular culture, national identity, and personal pride. She also keeps two food culture blogs about this subject. Now in Austin pursuing her MFA graduate degree in Film & Media Production at the University of Texas, Erica continues to explore the world around her through film and food. Here work can be seen here:

One comment on “You Say Texas; I Say Barbecue

  1. That Food
    June 12, 2014

    I’ve been a huge fan of BBQ my whole life, but have lately gone vegetarian, almost vegan,
    BBQ is pretty much the only thing that makes me still wonder if my choice is right.

    The sight of a good BBQ platter really gets my inner carnivore going.

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